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Why Keep the Commandments?

I helped my son prepare and deliver this short talk in Primary:

Heavenly Father created all of us.
Jesus Christ atoned for our sins.
If we love them, then we will keep their commandments.
To know their commandments, we must read the scriptures.
If we keep their commandments, they will send us blessings.
The greatest blessing of all is to become like God.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mormonism is Not That "Other Gospel"

My colleague and National LDS Examiner Greg West wrote a fine piece in 2009 explaining what qualifies as "any other gospel" whose preaching of was warned about by Paul the Apostle. An excerpt:
At this point, it is clear that "another gospel" was actively being preached by antichrists--predominantly Gnostics--while the apostles yet lived. That other gospel, from the end of the first century into the fourth century, overtook and corrupted the simple gospel taught by Jesus and the apostles. That "other gospel" is what is taught by sectarian Christian churches today. Those who accuse Latter-day Saints of teaching "another gospel" are actually the historical heirs of the other gospel of which Paul and John warned their contemporaries. Mormonism is the restoration of the teachings of the primitive Church in its infancy, before this apostasy occurred.

Fear of Science

Steven Peck wrote a fantastic post at his blog, The Mormon Organon, on the fear of science:
There are still those trying to separate science and religion. Who try desperately to dichotomize and put up barriers between the two. To rank order ‘ways of knowing’ into absurd hierarchies in which one trumps the other, or one is more important than the other, or where one wins always and the other loses always. Certainly science will never teach us all truth, but to ignore the things it does teach is a descent into superstition and foolishness. Likewise religion has taught us little about how the universe is constituted or provided models and theories of how material things work in the universe, yet it has provided the source of the reasons that such a universe exists, our place in it and what is expected of us.