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Praise to The Man

Early on, my study of the Gospel began as a study of the life of Joseph Smith. The first book I read was called "Journal of Joseph". It was basically an abridged version of the first few volumes of the History of the Church set. It helped me to see him as a person, as someone real and genuine. I've always enjoyed studying his life and teachings. Whether or not the work he performed was true, I have a very deep and sure testimony that Joseph Smith believed the work was true. There was no conspiracy or design to fool anyone into believing he was a prophet. There was only a man who truly believed he was called of God, and suffered from that time until the end of his life testifying of that calling. There isn't a single shred of evidence that he was anything less than sincere in his work. This must be understood if you want to know what he taught, and whether or not it's true. Feast Upon The Word blog publishes commentary on each chapter studied in Priesthood quo

Book of Mormon Hero Posters

I just ran across this website that has some pretty amazing posters of Book of Mormon and Bible heroes. The digital artist is Steve Nethercott : With his new release of Real Hero Posters, Steve has chosen to use various digital illustration techniques to achieve the look and feel he desires. With these posters, he wishes to touch the heart of everyone, but especially the youth. "In a world full of fantasy heroes and pop-stars, we should never forget the real heroes, with real courage, real strength, and real stories," says Steve. Through his artistic talents, Steve strives to capture the spirit of real heroes, the uniqueness of their world, the strength of their character, and the reality of their heroism.

Reflections of Christ II

Another beautiful video incorporating the photography of Mark Mabry has been made. The first can be found here on this blog . This latest one is titled "Another Testament of Christ" ( YouTube, 7m, 52s ):