A Call for End to Darwin Debate

Scientists and religious leaders call for an end to the fighting over the legacy of Charles Darwin. This week, the bicentennial of his birth is being celebrated throughout the world. Brigham Young University has a series of lectures planned throughout the week that I will be attending on Wednesday evening. I'm sure this article was timely released. An excerpt:
"Evolution, we believe, has become caught in the crossfire of a religious battle in which Darwin himself had little personal interest.

"We respectfully encourage those who reject evolution to weigh the now overwhelming evidence, hugely strengthened by recent advances in genetics, which testifies to the theory's validity.

"At the same time, we respectfully ask those contemporary Darwinians who seem intent on using Darwin's theory as a vehicle for promoting an anti-theistic agenda to desist from doing so as they are, albeit unintentionally, turning people away from the theory.

"In this year of all years, we should be celebrating Darwin's great biological achievements and not fighting over his legacy as some kind of anti-theologian."